Replace Forgettable Fads With Stylish Outdoor Trends

Smooth. Simple. Contemporary. Those words describe 2016’s updated exterior living vibe. Going out of favor are high-maintenance grassy lawns, ornate wrought-iron furniture, and fussy floral patterns. Materials that transition seamlessly between seasons, withstanding the elements are replacing everything with demanding upkeep, antique intricacies, and over-styled airs. The on-trend substitutes and inspiring makeover ideas below will transform your outdoor spaces into modern ideals.

Ground Surfaces

How do you want to spend your free time? Weeding, mowing, and trimming — or sipping a cool drink leisurely?

Preferred ways to reduce regular yard work include creating patios and decks as alternative foundation surfaces. Approach construction with an architect’s eye so additions will look and feel like original extensions of your home’s distinctive style — not afterthoughts. Anchor areas with faux green grass rugs to outline external rooms while reflecting your lawn’s natural splendor.

Clean Lines

In a fresh twist, popular groupings are pairing materials with clean lines and straight edges such as:

Concrete: Mixing this substance with resin and fiberglass tones down its harsh corners. In various forms, concrete elements are becoming decorative touches. Some designers are stamping concrete patio floors in tasteful ways. Others are placing slabs over legs of numerous materials as unique coffee table toppers. However you incorporate this craze, longwearing creations bring sleek, all-weather performance.

Teak: Break away from light or white furnishing colors in warm months. Minimal effort will preserve enduring teak’s original honey brown shade. Or skip routine care, allowing weather exposure to change this hardwood’s hue gradually to a finely aged silvery gray patina. Untreated, that tone will become a dark grayish green eventually. Despite its evolving appearance, resilient teak retains its durable strength.

Metals: Stainless steel’s gleaming appeal adds sharp definition as an outdoor accent. Need more seating for backyard bashes? Give metal-accented chairs cheerful facelifts. Spray painting fun colors over boring shades will sneak multihued character into party settings.

Dazzling Colors

The traditional overdone habit of tying outside scenes to surrounding blooms with floral prints is disappearing. That doesn’t mean downplaying looks with drab paleness. Vibrant solids are seizing notice. Vivid aquamarine and tangerine accents splash intensities that contrast against natural wood and fabricated slate-gray textures. Plush cushions, umbrellas, throw pillows, and blankets in those shades will soften hard furniture angles with colorful comfort. For extra zing, extend those standout tints in tableware, trays, candleholders, and planters.

Furniture Placement

Even without confining walls like interior rooms, furnishing arrangements can define separate living zones. Consider these modern examples featuring the decorating tips above.

Dining: To enjoy al fresco meals, combine Classic Teak furniture with stainless steel chairs. Our dining tables encompass oval, round, rectangular, and square shapes. Various dimensions will fit spaces from close and cozy to sizeable and spacious, accommodating up to 12 people. For greater versatility, check out extension, drop-leaf, and folding options. Create a casual elevated picnic by providing pillow and blanket padding under rectangular teak coffee tables. Scatter stainless steel lanterns for a mood-enhancing glow.

Visiting: Arrange teak deck furniture such as club chairs around a concrete coffee table to organize a conversation area that exudes eclectic sophistication and sumptuous softness. Our deep-seating cushions come in a lavish array of 60 shades and patterns to suit diverse decor.

Weather protection: Choose from assorted patio umbrella styles, shapes, and sizes in fashionable colors to shield family and friends from sun and sprinkles. To make shading adjustments in especially sunny locations, consider tilting and cantilever models.

Movie night: Invite parents and kids to backyard movie night, a crowd favorite that brings everyone together under the stars. Position your projection screen with varied seating allowing good views. In the back, arrange outdoor furniture like teak chairs from club to beach and reclining types including slumber and lounge styles. Mix in your painted metal chairs for surprising color bursts. Place blankets and pillows in the front area. Prepare a snack bar offering multiple beverages, popcorn flavors, and candies.

Blanket stand: When nights start turning chilly after sundown, be ready to supply cozy warmth. A stationary or folding teak side table can double as a blanket stand. Stack folded quilts in a pile so shivering partiers can grab them as needed. Everyone will appreciate your forethought.

Accents: Work aquamarine and tangerine into cushion and umbrella fabrics along with other accent pieces. Or choose other tones that pop against your home’s exterior and foliage to renew your surroundings.