Buying Teak Patio Furniture

I find myself in need of some new patio furniture. Today’s economy has definitely made bargain hunting a must. However, getting the lowest price doesn’t always end up saving you any money. I have found that more often than not, you get what you pay for. With this in mind I still had my work cut out for me trying to convince my husband that teak patio furniture was the best choice for furnishing our newly renovated patio area. We were always mindful of our budget and wanted to make sure we got the most bang for our buck.

We could certainly purchase any number of cheaper material and avoid the higher cost of teak patio furniture. Purchasing lesser quality pieces would definitely cut cost in the short term but in the long run would end up costing us more money and time, especially considering I'm the one that usually has to go out and shop for these things. Since I pretty much knew which arguments would have the most impact I decided to start with what he would deem most important. I had a feeling that caring for the wood and taking care of the durability of teak patio furniture would appeal to him as it would ensure he didn’t have to go out and fix or seal the patio furniture again anytime soon.

Itching to learn more about teak so I could convince him, I went online. I read that the average teak patio furniture set lasts decades if cared for properly and still maintains its beauty. Teak is a very dense wood which seems to have its own innate ability to ward off parasites, fungus and dry rot. It is a popular choice of wood in the boat industry as it is waterproof and even resists the corrosion caused by salt water. It is highly resistant to warping and/or rotting as well. When it comes to durability, teak definitely won the prize. The durability of teak patio furniture leads right into it being very low maintenance, which I can appreciate being low maintenance myself. The ability of teak to withstand all types of weather means it can remain outside year round. This was a huge plus for me because while the summer weather here was usually great, lately we've been having more and more rain and wind in the winter. Teak eliminates the need for moving patio furniture in and out to accommodate the weather. (I knew he’d like that idea because it means less work and no more crowding up his garage.) Most of the other woods and plastics used to make patio furniture require painting or re-staining over time if you want to keep the color. Teak patio furniture will simply change color over time from a light golden brown to a silvery gray and to be honest I like the grey more then the brown sometimes! It has a really cool rugged look. The best part is that the color change from brown to silver doesn't affect teak's durability and many people actually prefer the silvery color. More often than not, I prefer the warm golden color and keeping that color is easy enough that I can even do it by myself. To maintain the rich golden teak color all you have to do is wipe it down with teak sealer. This will seal in the color and prevent the fade to gray. Cleaning teak patio furniture is as easy as wiping it down with soapy water and applying another coat of teak sealer to keep it looking new.

Part of what appeals to me about teak patio furniture is the style and natural elegance it brings to any patio. It’s also what I consider environmentally friendly for various reasons. First and foremost, because it is so durable and long lasting your teak patio furniture will stay in great condition which eliminates the need for replacing and discarding it. That means less landfill and waste which is always a great way to help the environment. No harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning and maintenance because all of the teak sealer are water based which also makes teak a more eco-friendly choice. Teak oil is natural oil and does not harm the environment if you prefer the golden brown color over the natural progression to silvery gray. Obviously, the fact that teak patio furniture is made from a natural wood makes it more eco-friendly than other plastic or metal sets because even if it does end up discarded it will eventually decompose back into the environment. Anytime I can be a little more friendly to the environment my children, grandchildren and their children will inhabit; I’m all for it. Once I finished all my research I knew it was time to approach my husband with my arguments. I’m all set to launch into the benefits of teak patio furniture vs. any other cheaper materials as soon as we get to the first pieces. I figure I’ll probably have to wear him down first by looking at every single set online. By the time we get to the place that carries the teak patio furniture that I really want; he’ll be ready to buy anything!