Furnishing a Luxurious Rooftop Terrace

Does your rooftop terrace or balcony resemble a makeshift junkyard where you dump shabby furniture, wilted potted plants, and unused bicycles? Or is creating an ambiance fit for that neglected outdoor living area’s sky-high view too challenging?

The key design steps below will help you transform any open-air location into a luxurious garden oasis for relaxing and entertaining. Then let your imagination blossom to envision a verdant retreat soaring above hectic city traffic. Soon, you’ll enjoy your extra living space that’s reaching for serenity in the clouds.

Comfy Flooring

Install distinctive flooring materials and colors strategically to partition one empty expanse into separate zones. Even without walls, that mimics moving between rooms. Choose barefoot-friendly composites over hard concrete or wood for splinter-free comfort and low upkeep. Or try quartzite or bluestone pavers for cool, smooth elegance.

Today’s outdoor rugs provide a soft, inviting feel that pads hard surfaces while adding style and color. Tucking narrow planter trays between pavers allows shaggy grasses and vegetation to sprout and spread for a naturally gentle forest-inspired floor. Synthetic turf adds a realistic and cushiony lawn look.

Well-Placed Greenery

If your balcony borders neighbors’ railings, create a leafy privacy wall. Surround the perimeter with vine-covered lattice screens or trellises, tall evergreens, planters, or fence panels with boxwood hedges to separate residential spaces. Position trees or shrubs to obscure undesirable views and lift everyone’s focus up to scenic vistas and fascinating cloud formations.

For your interior’s design to spill out onto your terrace, place furniture first. Then scatter foliage lightly throughout more prominent hardscapes. That will soften them while keeping panoramic scenes open. Low-maintenance options include minimizing foliage and installing an automated watering system. A programmed drip prevents greenery from withering under extreme sunlight.

Furniture Arranging

Your rooftop layout should mix functional and aesthetically pleasing looks that match your lifestyle. That might involve relaxing over morning coffee or evening cocktails, sunbathing, movie- or sports-watching parties, and/or wine tastings, meals, and celebrations for relatives and friends. A multi-purpose terrace could combine cozy seating and lounging areas, an exterior kitchen with grill, and a dining space.

To create a welcoming socializing setting, choose from Classic Teak’s luxury outdoor furniture like this mission-style deep-seating set. The sofa and two armchairs feature super-thick and soft cushions in numerous rugged, fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric colors. You also get coffee and side tables for refreshments.

Chill, read, sunbathe, or nap on teak loungers with multiple adjustable positions. Reclining them flat adds more bench seating for extra guests. Select from assorted styles with padding, neck support, wheels, and built-in tables for sunscreen, drinks, and snacks. Mounting an all-weather television behind sliding panels on a swivel arm support enables multiple viewing angles from different seating locations.

Is your dining area in a restricted space or high-traffic zone? Try an option besides downsizing furniture. No one has to dodge scattered chairs in narrow or crowded walkways when you use benches instead. Just select teak furniture like this rectangular recycled table set. Choose from three sizes that come with two long side benches and a pair of short ones for the ends. Outdoor seating cushions soften any wood pieces that don’t include padding.

Weather Exposure

Teak is an ideal tropical hardwood for exterior conditions because it resists weather and pest’s worst onslaughts. Thanks to exemplary materials, Classic Teak’s premium furniture is ultra strong and durable. Minimal care ensures lifetime use, eliminating replacement. Natural oils’ protective barriers make sealers or finishers unnecessary. To clean, just wipe off spills and stains.

Ground-level structures and trees serve as windbreaks that provide shade. But higher up on raised roofs, shielding people from intense sunrays and drafts is essential. Browse Classic Teak’s patio umbrellas for various styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Look into our heavy-duty base for especially windy sites. Strong gusts can toss cushions around, so stow them in this handy storage box when no one’s using them. That sturdy wooden accessory also can double as extra seating.

Tricky Logistics Installations

Careful planning and organizing are crucial for decorating rooftop living and garden spaces. The logistics of getting furnishings high above residences with limited access can be tricky, requiring ingenuity. Hopefully, you can transport smaller pieces and plants in elevators instead of stairs. But you might need a crane for heavier items. Before starting your makeover, make sure that all applicable city building codes and condo/co-op building rules allow such renovations.