Fabric Outdoor Seating Cushion Colors, Care, and Storage

Sunbrella fabric weather-resistant cushions add color, style, and comfort to resilient teak patio, deck, porch, pool, and garden seating. Use these furniture and chair pad selection, cleaning, and storage tips to enhance your exterior spaces, encourage leisurely lingering, and extend wear.

Select Outdoor Furniture

Browse Classic Teak’s outdoor furniture Product List for appropriate seating types. Click on the Benches section to explore classy 4 to 6-foot styles perfect for many external living areas. For Teak Chairs, check out arm, side, rocking, slumber, folding, and Adirondack options. Move on to the Steamers & Loungers category to pick between reclining chairs for lazing poolside or in other relaxing spots.

Choose Chair Cushion

Then match high-performance chair cushion to your teak furniture choices. Custom-designed Classic Teak cushions fit our seats securely. Durable construction materials resist mildew, rot, fading, and chemicals including chlorine. All come in assorted colors and patterns. For extra versatility, some offer many more casing options.

Patio cushion, rug, and accent shades influence every space’s mood. Various design and color theories can guide your chair cushion selection. Solid tones and prints that complement your exterior settings create cohesive looks. Consider your home’s outer hues, furnishing materials, and plantings. If a large wall of windows and glass doors connects your inside and outside zones, choose furnishings and pillows that harmonize with your interior’s décor.

Bright hues and energetic motifs add visual interest in fun and fashionable ways. Use bolder tonal values and prints in external sites to balance nature’s fervent color palette. Combining three or more patterns creates diversity, lending richness to your outdoor settings. If you’re lucky enough to have incredible exterior views, choose subdued fabric intensities so they won’t compete with stunning vistas.

Skip red, an overdone choice, in favor of jewel tones including deep purples, pale to dynamic greens, and aquas that reflect nature’s wonders. Emphasize dark and light contrasting colors like basic black and white for a compelling look. Inject a perky burst of lime for a little extra pizazz. Warmer earth tones, cooler green tints, and calmer blues promote serenity. If you aren’t crazy about obvious dyes, stick to a tan or gray monotone range.

Clean Fabrics

Follow these Sunbrella® cushion care steps so textiles can avoid permanent damage:

  • Brush dirt off before it lodges into materials.
  • Wipe away spills as they occur for easiest removal.

New stains:

  • Use fresh, dry cloths to blot liquid spills without rubbing.
  • Treat oil-based substances with an absorbent dusting like cornstarch. Scrape off residue gently with any straight-edged tool.
  • Mix a mild solution of dish or laundry detergent with water. Spray on fabrics.
  • Rinse thoroughly to eliminate all soap.
  • Air dry.

If stains remain, follow directions below by cushion type:

Removable Casings

We recommend that Sunbrella Cushions be hand washed


Hand washing:

  • Add 2 ounces of mild soap to each gallon of slightly warm water.
  • Scrub exterior of cushion to remove stains.
  • Rinse off soap completely using garden hose.
  • Air dry cushions by standing on end in the sun.

Permanent Covers

Washing by hand:

  • Blend 2 ounces of mild soap into each lukewarm water gallon.
  • Allow fabrics to absorb sanitizing solution.
  • Clean textiles with soft brush bristles.
  • Remove soap residue by rinsing thoroughly.
  • Air dry.

Mildew and mold stain removal: Although Sunbrella fabrics resist these fungi, they might grow on foreign substances like dirt.

  • Pour 2 ounces of mild soap and 8 or more ounces of bleach into each water gallon.
  • Spray onto all casing sections, allowing 15 minutes for materials to absorb solution.
  • Wash all surface areas with soft brush bristles, sponges, or towels to prevent water stains or rings.
  • Rinse off cleaner thoroughly.
  • Air dry.

General cleaning tips include avoiding abrasive approaches like hard brush bristles and scrubbing. Protect furnishings surrounding Sunbrella covers when using chemical solvents to avoid accidental discolorations. Bleach may affect natural outdoor habitats adversely, so follow the label’s environmental and safety precautions. If material wrinkling occurs, set your iron on synthetics. Before pressing whole covers, test small portions in inconspicuous locations. Don’t use steam irons or garment steamers.

Store Patio Cushion & Pillows

Order teak storage boxes with easy-open hinged lids to protect your cushions during off-season periods. These finely crafted units withstand year-round weather conditions, shielding contents from the elements. Choose the appropriate exterior sizes and int