Modern external living spaces achieve the reigning chic internal aesthetic by combining eclectic elements. Complex layering of rugs, furniture, artwork, and lighting creates refined indoor settings. Apply that design strategy to personalize outdoor areas tastefully while transforming bland, blocky looks into stylish scenes. The art of mismatched mixing blends three ingredients: feasting and lounging pieces, distinctive accessories, and mood lighting.

Selecting Your Furniture Combination

Your climate and furniture care preferences are key factors affecting material choice. Teak’s resinous oils provide natural resistance to moisture, the elements’ drying effects, and insect damage. Sand-like silica creates density that helps this fine hardwood withstand water, shrinking, swelling, warping, rotting, fungal decay, and numerous chemicals. This beautiful timber endures year-round weather conditions, making it a low-maintenance favorite.

Measure your exterior zone’s overall dimensions to determine the furniture sizes it can accommodate. Choose smaller pieces for a restricted balcony but grander scales for a larger patio. Be sure everyone can navigate through your surrounding area comfortably without dodging tables and chairs. Sacrificing style to bedeck confined sites isn’t necessary. Classic Teak’s luxury outdoor furniture line showcases elegant space-saving solutions like this narrow oval bar table.

Steamer chairs are popular, long-lasting teak furniture options for lounging by the pool. Look for versatile convenience features. To shift from sunbathing to reading or chatting seamlessly, this style boasts multiple reclining positions. Classic Teak’s special wheel design enables easy mobility when you want to seek a cooler location offering midday shade. Your lounger folds quickly for out-of-season storage.

Pad seats with durable lounge chair cushions in your choice of green or white. Or Classic Teak will customize your order from a fashionable variety of Sunbrella® fabrics. Today’s high-performance materials are softer with greater suppleness and longer colorfast capacities than previous outdoor polyesters. So comfortable solid and patterned textiles resist rotting, mildew, chemicals, and fading while outlasting sun and rain exposure.

Now that we’ve collected our basic pieces, let’s place them in an assortment of delightful outdoor leisure retreats. Using the selections above in the following design exercise will help you visualize new teak furniture’s beautiful possibilities.

Creating a Unifying Theme

String a theme through odd furniture mixes to make seemingly incompatible choices mesh. A typical Miami Beach residence’s covered porch fuses pastel shades among furnishings of various eras and styles to evoke Southern Florida’s classic vibe. The teak steamer chair’s 5608 blue/green/yellow striped cushion will complement a blue rubber floor mat, midcentury green side tables, and pink flowers with yellow centers. Unless you follow a unifying motif, eclectic mishmashes can look like unkempt mistakes.

Applying Trendy Decorating Formulas

Establishing a neutral base: Before merging unique styles, choose a neutral color palette. Your new Classic Teak table and lounger share the same honey gold shade. Unite them with similar-tinted pieces like bamboo floor mats and wicker chairs. Varied textures prevent monochrome ensembles from seeming monotonous. Constructing a unicolor canvas will help extras such as bright chair cushions and patio umbrellas in vivid tones pop.

Pairing feminine with masculine styles: Soft curves and hard angles can clash sometimes. But complementary intermingling can convert the overall effect into surprisingly pleasant visual rhythms. Contrast linear pieces like boxy chairs and planters against items with spherical — not straight — shapes such as the oval teak table and circular dishes. Combing varieties in related subdued hues inspires happy cohabitation.

Mixing new, old, and natural components: To maximize interest, adorn outdoor spaces by highlighting dissimilar eras. Intersperse contemporary and vintage elements with organic touches like wood, metal, stone, or ceramics. Pull an unexpected mood together featuring a new Classic Teak table with retro metal chairs. Mismatched mealtime place settings that pick up tones from each will bridge the age gap as your integrating connection.

Weaving a colorful tale: Fashion an eccentric style/texture mash-up that shares one basic hue. That will ensure a carefully chosen — not chaotic — look and feel. A sustained tinge of vibrant color will link your teak lounger’s cushion with ethnic-inspired beach towels and kitschy pool floats.

Adding mood lighting: Entertaining and dining al fresco are special treats, so designer ambiance can elevate down-home barbecues to enchanting soirées. New weatherproof technologies are expanding historic illumination options. Embellish your teak bar table with antique lanterns or traditional hurricane candleholders. Hang gleaming pendants from trees. Perk up your pool with floating LED lamps. Combining generations of luminary solutions will heighten visual interest.