Choosing Teak Furniture for Commercial Use

Classic Commercial Teak Bench is there really a difference between the quality of furniture designed for residential use and the patio tables, chairs, and bar stools used in commercial settings? The short answer is, yes. Commercial grade furniture is quality engineered and manufactured to withstand the heavy-duty trials of public use. Commercial furniture must undergo stability, durability, and weight testing to meet the commercial grade standards. These standards are designed to ensure the repetitive usage of the product by people of all shapes and sizes. Designed for heavy everyday use, commercial furniture can withstand the rigors of the hospitality industry and typically outlast their consumer grade counterparts.

Why is this important? For one, even though the upfront cost of commercial grade furniture may be more than consumer grade furniture, you will want to avoid the additional costs and aggravation of repairing or replacing your furniture in the future. Additionally, you want to prevent as many accidents as possible, and by using the right commercial grade furniture, you reduce the risk of injury. In addition to someone getting hurt, the costs of settling accident reports and incidents can be a disaster for a business.

Classic Teak offers a large selection of commercial grade teak furniture for your inside or outside patio area. From teak and stainless steal chairs & benches to commercial patio umbrellas and bases, we have been working with resorts, hotels, golf clubs, corporate offices, restaurants, retreats, condominiums, estates and upscale homes, and business owners all over the United States since 1999.