Why Teak Furniture?

If you are redefining your outdoor landscaping and entertainment areas you may be debating on the overall aesthetics and benefits of patio tables and chairs as part of your garden furniture design. Teak furniture is not only nice to the touch but also very durable, and provides an elegance to any outdoor area.

Is Teak Durable?

Teak furniture was an original design creation made from a jungle hard wood of India and Malaysia. It was first utilized in the building of ships for very long overseas voyages where the extreme weather and salty sea air could cause heavy damage to the more traditional types of construction materials. This makes patio tables and chairs etc very long-lasting saving you time and money.

Is Teak Waterproof?

Teak chairs and tables will not rust, even if they incorporate metal elements as part of their construction. In ancient times when these materials where used to build massive ships, once these vessels were taken out of commission and demolished the wood elements could still be used over again in other types of construction. Imagine how well your tables and chairs etc will hold up to normal weather conditions.

Is Low Maintenance?

Of the many options of garden furniture available for purchase many of these other brands can be extremely high maintenance. Glass and metal furniture for example always seem to attract dirt and grime requiring constant cleaning and upkeep as well as rust onto your deck or stain your poolside or stone surfaces .
Teak chairs and tables require none of this daily care and as a result you can use your garden furniture at any time when unexpected guests drop by. To clean you can simply hose it off at anytime.

Does Teak Offer An Expensive Appearance?

Because of teak’s ability to remain strong and beautiful through all sorts of weather and normal daily wear and tear, teak tables and chairs always look impeccable. For the same price as other glass, plastic or metal garden furniture options you can purchase a high quality table set that will last for years to come.

Wood simply offers a more appealing aesthetic, always looking warm and inviting compared to these other types of materials. With a little applied oil to the wood grain every so often, you can keep the original wood color looking vibrant and showroom new.