Thinking About Designing an Inviting and Functional Outdoor Living Space?

Thinking about designing an inviting and functional outdoor living space that encompasses a pool area, outdoor dining, and a fire pit lounge? You'll need some outdoor furniture!

Here’s some design ideas for each area:

Pool Area

Furniture Selection:

  • Chaise Loungers: The "Teak Chaise Loungers" from Classic Patio are perfect for this setting. Their sturdy construction and sleek design make them ideal for lounging by the water. They are crafted from durable teak wood which resist weathering and water damage.
  • Side Tables: Pair these loungers with small side tables, such as the "Teak Side Table" from Classic Patio, to provide a convenient place for beverages and sunscreen.

Design Rationale: These loungers are specifically chosen for their durability and functionality near water. The adjustable backrests offer multiple reclining positions, enhancing comfort for sunbathing or relaxing after a swim.

Outdoor Dining Area

Furniture Selection:

Design Rationale: The teak construction of the Dining Set ensures durability and resistance to weather conditions, while the ample seating accommodates larger gatherings, enhancing the functionality of the dining area.


Fire Pit Area

Furniture Selection:

Design Rationale: Outdoor cushions invite relaxation and encourage lingering conversations around the fire, making it a cozy gathering spot during cooler evenings.

General Considerations

  • Color Scheme and Accessories: Stick with neutral and earthy tones for cushions and umbrellas, with occasional splashes of color through accents like pillows. This maintains a cohesive and natural aesthetic.
  • Rugs and Lighting: Define each space with weather-resistant rugs and enhance the atmosphere with soft, solar-powered lighting for beauty and functionality after dusk.

This design strategically uses pieces from Classic Patio to create distinct, functional areas that are both attractive and practical, ensuring that each part of your outdoor space is optimized for enjoyment and durability. Of course this is only one example of hundreds of variations. Need help with your design? Contact us.

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